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Bill Shuster, founder of Shuster's Plumbing & PlumbLife, has established a name for himself in Americas Rallycross Racing (ARX) circle as one of the most up and coming racers in the ARX3 racing community.

Bill Shuster was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey on March 18, 1986. From an early age he had a passion for Motorsports. After he graduated from a technical high school with a degree in automotive, he realized he didn’t want to turn his passion into a career. He then turned to plumbing and after 10 years in the trade he got his master plumber‘s license and started a business.

After the progression of business he and his wife started a nonprofit organization dubbed PlumbLife. The PlumbLife mission is to engage and assist the youth – the future tradesmen and women – in their journey to becoming a professional master plumber.

Bill's career in professional motorsports has just begun, but the story behind him and his skills of driving have made an impact in the racing scene. Racing side-by-side with professional drivers, Bill holds his own very well on the track. He also brings great camaraderie to the racing pits between all racers and staff.

Bill Shuster from Team PlumbLife Racing talks with TV personality & ARX Driver Aaron Kaufman about working with your hands

What is ARX rallycross Racing?

Americas Rallycross (ARX) is a North American-based rallycross championship fielding action sports stars and world class manufacturers who compete in premier locations around the continent.

ARX is the next evolution of the high speed, action packed world of rallycross, one of the fastest growing motorsports in the world.

Short races and viewer friendly asphalt and dirt circuits with 600 brake horsepower production-based race cars makes for exciting racing and is suited to the way we enjoy sports today. Qualifying races are run over four laps with four to five cars in each qualifier, wherein the competitors race to score points to secure a spot in the semifinals.

Qualified cars progress to two semi-final rounds, with the top three cars from each semi-final progressing through to the final.

With six cars on the grid, the final is run over six laps. Rallycross tracks are typically 0.6-0.9 miles in length, creating explosive on-track action and ease of viewing for spectators.

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Team PlumbLife Racing is looking for strategic partners to sponsor its racing initiatives and charitable mission. If you would like to showcase your business or brand in front of the ever growing ARX racing community and its legions of fans, while supporting a great cause, please contact Bill Shuster from Team PlumbLife Racing at for more information.

Donate To The Plumblife scholarship fund

The PlumbLife Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to prospective students who are continuing into their second, third or fourth year of plumbing educational courses through a State Certified Adult Educational Plumbing Program. The scholarship is also based on demonstrated academic achievement, financial need, and an expressed interest in pursuing a plumbing education as an apprentice while working toward obtaining their Master Plumbers License.

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