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Meet Devon – PlumbLife Scholarship Winner

Devon came to work with us at Giant Plunger Plumbing in January of 2021. He had no knowledge of the plumbing field. As time went on, Devon became more familiar of particular details and services involved in our daily work schedule. His progression then lead to his peaked interest in applying and working towards getting his Master Plumber License. He applied to a local four year Adult Education Apprentice Plumbing Program that followed the NAPHCC curriculum. Devon has since completed his first two years of the apprenticeship program and continues to make headway towards his third year. Giant Plunger Plumbing is proud to have sponsored Devon’s education through the first two years of his plumbing adventure. Now, Devon works for another plumbing contractor where he takes advantage of the Plumblife Scholarship. We look forward to watching him progress and complete all courses involved in the apprentice program, thus leading to obtaining his Master Plumbers License. Devon’s statement: Plumblife, to me is a great scholarship program to further improve my schooling, career and passion. With Plumblife, I am able to focus on schooling without having to worry about if I can pay for the next semester. My ultimate goal is to start my own business and with the Plumblife backing me up for schooling I feel confident for rest of the way there. Thank you PlumbLife for the opportunity of having me be a participant in the program.

Devon learning about underground trenchless pipe replacement.

Devon learning about trenchless pipe replacement

Devon learning the difference between pressure and DWV fittings.

Devon learning about pressure fittings

Signing papers for the upcoming year of Adult Education Plumbing Apprenticeship Program.

Devon signing his Adult Education Plumbing Apprenticeship Program papers with Bill Shuster

Giant Plunger Plumbing sponsoring Devon for his first two years of plumbing apprenticeship.

Devon being sponsored by Giant Plunger Plumbing

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The PlumbLife Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to prospective students who are continuing into their second, third or fourth year of plumbing educational courses through a State Certified Adult Educational Plumbing Program. The scholarship is also based on demonstrated academic achievement and an expressed interest in pursuing a plumbing education as an apprentice while working toward obtaining their Master Plumbers License.

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